How to care for the battery of an electric vehicle?

The batteries of electric cars are the most delicate component of this type of vehicle and have a great importance in the proper functioning of the car. The autonomy of the vehicle depends directly on the batteries, a fundamental aspect for the vehicle. It should be noted that car manufacturers routinely test the improvement of these batteries in order to attract the attention of potential buyers of electric cars. It is advisable to follow a series of guidelines, usually easy to carry out, which will help you keep the battery in perfect condition for as long as possible. In this week's article we review some valid tips for extending the battery life of any electric car.

Controlling charging time

The ideal is to charge the car at night and if possible with a timer. Thanks to this you will be able to charge only as long as the battery needs to be complete. If the battery is left plugged in for longer than it should, it can cause overheating, which can cause problems for the battery.

Avoid complete discharge

It is not advisable to discharge the battery completely and can significantly affect the battery's service life. This fact is more serious if the battery remains discharged for a long time and can become completely unusable. There are some manufacturers that take into account this problem and to avoid greater evils leave an unusable remnant that can not be captured by the user.

Do not subject them to extreme temperatures

Heat is the greatest enemy of batteries and it is clear that in high temperature conditions the degradation is much greater. In extreme cold conditions the battery has worse performance, causing it to lose some charging capacity. If you park your vehicle in a shady area with mild temperatures, you will get the thermal management system up and running. At the same time, if the battery overheats, it generates an acceleration of its discharge, diminishing its useful life.

Balancing the cells

This process runs when the battery is heavily charged. You need to charge and discharge the cells at a slow pace to achieve the desired balance. In this way, we manage to keep the battery fully charged and not suffer the memory effect. A negative aspect is that the last stretch of charge is slow and barely efficient.

Controlling speed

Please note that the faster you drive the sooner the battery will be discharged. In turn, the more times you have to recharge your electric car's battery, the less useful it will be. It should be noted that a battery supports about 3,000 charges and discharges.

Precautions with the car is stationary

If you are going on a trip and for any reason you have to spend a long period of time without moving your car at your destination, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations to keep it ready: be sure that it has enough charge for the return home and leave it plugged in. It is preferable that you leave it programmed so that the charge of the battery is level close to 50%.
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