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car hire excess

If I have car hire excess cover, do I need to purchase the additional cover offered by the rental company?

When traveling outside your country, one of the things you consider is the mode of transportation you will use to move from one place to another when in the new country. Traditionally, many people opted for cabs and public transportation….

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Car rental: all you need to know about car insurance

Going away on weekends, business trips or holidays becomes more convenient thanks to the car rental service. In this sense, keeping informed about the insurance that covers a rental car allows tenants to know their rights in the event of…

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Car rental: good practices

For work or holidays, it may be useful to rent a vehicle. Some tips are to be known to avoid any unpleasant surprises with a rental. Visit and learn more information about car rental. Here are ten tips to…

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Companies for car rental in England

As you may know, car rental in England can be simple but at the same time complicated because of the multitude of different companies. You can check for further more information about car rental in England. When choosing the…

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Car Rental in England: Guide

You want to travel in England and you consider that the best way to travel in the United Kingdom is by car. If you think that buying a vehicle can be expensive, try car rental in England. Renting a car…

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How to find a cheap rental car in England?

To rent a car, you can start by being on the lookout for the latest offers on a car rental website or platforms (like for instance). You can set up an alert to receive an email or notification to…

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Renting a car at a low price in England

It’s up to you to discover it while driving a rental vehicle! Your exploration has no limits once you are installed on board. Do you have all the necessary information in mind before you start? You will discover England if…

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Means of transport in London

London has a high quality integrated public transport system, with subway service, 24 hour buses, trains, taxis, bicycle rentals and water buses. There are many ways to get from one end of the city to the other, and many journeys…

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