The 10 essential high-tech accessories for your car

There is always something missing to make us love our car journeys even more. offers you its selection of accessories to make sure you are always well equipped. To buy a 100% techno car, you have to put the price on it... or personalize it with some accessories that fit as closely as possible to our uses. To choose them well, we went back to a selection of products found on the Web that have already caught our eye. Car radio, hands-free kit, charger... All these devices will make life in your car more pleasant than it has been until now.

1 - Multimedia console

The multimedia system is one of the key elements of your comfort when travelling. Today we no longer just listen to the radio. If you have to spend two hours in traffic, why not take the opportunity to listen to your podcasts via your smartphone, listen to your favourite music stored on a USB key or make a few calls via the Bluetooth hands-free system.

2 - Tablet holder

If you have children at home and you have one or two tablets, then you absolutely need this tablet holder. Driver comfort begins with peace in the passenger compartment. And to limit the bickering, the recipe for the film for the passengers in the seat is still the one that works best. Tested over a long journey of 700 km, towards the ski slopes, we were particularly surprised by the comfort of this support found at 10 euros on Amazon.

3 - Diagnostic box

Even used cars can move into the connected era. To do this, some manufacturers offer Bluetooth boxes that interface with the diagnostic socket (OBD2) on all vehicles. We told you about Xee, from Lille-based Eliocity, a solution we installed on Polo and have been using for several months now.

4 - Wi-Fi hard disk

After the support and the tablet, it is also necessary to think about the contents. If at a certain age our toddlers show an incredible ability to always look at the same thing (at another time we would have used the VHSs of this famous red car), it also happens that they play it demanding cinephiles. Also to compensate for all situations, it is better to start well off.

5 - Bluetooth Kit

For many drivers, Bluetooth in the car remains the priority. Essential to call and remain reachable, without too much risk, while driving, the hands-free kits are particularly attractive for their ease of use and installation.

6 - Dashcam

For heavy riders or victims of an unfortunate accident who have suffered from a dispute on the road when filling out a report, "dashcams" are a really interesting solution. Although they are not yet mandatory in France, their use is regularly highlighted through videos on the Web and their usefulness is less and less discussed.

7 - FM transmitter

To listen to your MP3s on an ultra-tight budget in your car, there are some fairly simple solutions: FM transmitters. These devices are very easy to find at all car accessories stores, on the Internet or in electronics stores and are generally sold for about twenty euros. We chose a Longstar brand model, sold for 20 euros, on ebay, Amazon and even 15 euros on the French brand's website and in its Parisian boutique.

8 - Car holder with Qi Charger

For those who use their smartphone a lot in the car, this Aukey Qi induction charger is a really practical accessory. Its particularity: it is a support integrating an induction charging system, drawing its energy from the car's cigarette lighter socket. Therefore, your mobile phone must be compatible and if it is not, a quick search on the internet will allow you to find a suitable shell.

9 - Bluetooth rear-view mirror with rear-view camera

Parking assist system, Bluetooth hands-free kit and FM transmitter, this mirror is THE all-rounder. Be careful, it does not replace the original one installed. You have to clip it on top. The main originality, it comes with a wireless back-up camera, which you will need to install in the rear bumper. To give you an idea, we have already carried out this type of installation, illustrated here in our test of the Beeper RW050RF. Once in place, the camera will display the image feedback on the central part of the mirror as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.

10 - Danger warning - Coyote S

Last but not least, the Coyote S. The latest version of Coyote's danger alarms, this model plays the originality card by integrating a camera that allows it to film the road. The box can thus project danger area or risk area alerts on the road, but also record everything that happens during your travels. This "dashcam" function, or on-board camera, will allow you to exonerate yourself if necessary in the event of a collision. In addition to this function, which we believe still needs to evolve, thanks to a large and very active community; the Coyote S remains a reference in terms of driving assistance boxes.
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