Car rental: all you need to know about car insurance

Going away on weekends, business trips or holidays becomes more convenient thanks to the car rental service. In this sense, keeping informed about the insurance that covers a rental car allows tenants to know their rights in the event of an accident, and to avoid paying a fortune. You can visit in case you are interested in learning further more information about car rental.

Minimum insurance for rental services

This is the civil liability insurance which, in the event of an accident, covers damage caused to the other car, its driver and passengers. However, this insurance does not cover damage to the rental car, driver or passengers. As a result, the lessee of the vehicle is obliged to pay out of his own pocket all costs relating to the repair of damage caused by the accident, in addition to the damage he may also have suffered.

Collision and/or multi-risk insurance

It is a complete insurance that covers all damage caused to the rental car without taking into account the responsibilities of the driver(s). In the case of insurance with a deductible, the customer only pays a portion of the cost of repairing the car. This insurance can be supplemented by additional offers in the event of glass / tyre breakage or roof / under-body damage. In addition, this insurance does not cover acts of negligence including the loss of car keys, the use of incorrect fuel or driving while intoxicated.

Insurance with or without deductible

An insurance contract without deductible obliges tenants to pay a portion of the expenses related to the repair of the rental vehicle in the event of an accident. However, insurance with a deductible only requires the customer to pay the amount indicated in advance in the insurance contract, in the case of an accident. And he can even reduce the amount by purchasing optional insurance.

Theft insurance

Theft is often included in the full insurance. If this is not the case, it is included in the optional insurance. In general, this type of insurance increases the total amount of insurance. However, it does not include the loss of car keys or the theft of personal belongings left inside due to negligence.


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