4 car accessories that you can’t do without

In order to fully appropriate your car, it is enough to accommodate it according to your habits and preferences. With a few practical objects, you bring a personal touch. Need some inspiration? Discover the 4 car accessories so you won't be able to do without them!

Ideal for the gourmet: a portable vacuum cleaner

Do you often nibble on a little cookie in the car? It is no surprise to you to see, a little embarrassed, when people come on board, all the crumbs and disorder you have left behind! What do you need? A vacuum cleaner, but not a model that is constraining with a yarn, it must above all be practical to use. The ultimate accessory is a portable and compact vacuum cleaner that you can store in the trunk and that removes all traces of your snack on the go.

For party people: an Alcotest

Who doesn't like to have a drink in the evening or at a dinner party with friends? But you have to know your limits. In enthusiasm, did you drink a little more than expected? Submit to the Alcotest. Always keep this accessory in the car. This allows you to check whether it is safe to drive or not. You do not want to put the lives of others or your own in danger.

A touch of comfort for sleepers: an air mattress

If the Alcotest result is positive and you cannot drive in this intoxicated state, it is better to spend the night in the car. Most of them are satisfied with the back seat. You don't find it that comfortable? Then provide a custom-made air mattress. There is indeed a model that perfectly fills the space between the two rows of seats. You have a cosy bed without fear of getting stuck in the hole.

The accessory for animal lovers: a belt for dogs

Do you have a crush on animals? You're not separating from your four-legged animal? You know then that a car ride can be a real challenge with him in the back. You speculate on how to attach his leash... in vain! The problem is quickly solved with the dog belt. You connect this accessory to its collar and attach the end to the point where passengers fasten their seat belts themselves.
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