10 tips to reduce the cost of car maintenance

A car is a matter of maintenance and the prices are so expensive that people turn a blind eye to certain important points. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can reduce the cost of car maintenance. Here are 10 of them!

1- Prepare your roadworthiness test

If your passenger vehicle is more than 4 years old, a roadworthiness test every two years is mandatory. To avoid a counter-visit and subsequently pay for some repairs at heavy cost, it is better to anticipate by checking the doubtful points yourself. Especially since a new and stricter roadworthiness test is coming up. For example, you can:
  • Check the bulbs: headlights, position lights, reversing lights, brake lights and tail lights;
  • Check the brake fluid;
  • Inspect every part of your car: equipment in the passenger compartment, bodywork, shock absorbers.....
To ensure that your exhaust does not emit black smoke when starting, buy a product to mix with the fuel (e.g. Bardhal additive). It will thus clean the injectors. Finally, know that you can find an approved centre that offers cheap online roadworthiness tests.

2- Change the oil

You don't need to be a mechanic to do the oil change. Take a few tools and the will to succeed in an average of 1 hour. A little tip before draining the oil: heat the engine for a few minutes so that the liquid can flow easily. It is recommended to change the filters according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Do not simply suck up the oil using a drain pump, for example. With brand new parts, your engine will perform better or last longer.

3- Go through the independent garages

You can have your car serviced by an independent garage. You will have a well-kept and less expensive maintenance than at garages of major brands. It is also possible to turn to mechanics schools if you have time. In addition to helping them with their training, you will also benefit from low-cost car maintenance.

4- Self Garage, why not!

If you have the mechanics at heart, but you don't have space to maintain your car, try self-service garages. The concept consists in renting the location and equipment of the garage so that you can carry out any repairs to your car yourself. The manager can give you some advice or order parts, if necessary.

5- Buy your parts on the internet

Thanks to the internet, you can compare the prices of spare parts and buy them at a competitive price.

6- Focus on second-hand parts

How about repairing your car with used parts? These are parts recovered from vehicles intended for disposal. They offer about the same result as new ones and are much cheaper. By doing so, you are doing something for the environment. Body parts abound on the market, but you can also find mechanical and electrical parts, but it is not advisable to buy them second-hand.

7- And on used tires

Even with tires, you can play on occasions, see retreaded tires if you are not too "big roller". Do not hesitate to always choose the right brands, because their products are a guarantee of quality. Their price can be up to 70% cheaper than new ones.

8- Carry out regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential, especially if you live in a snowy area. The metal underneath the bodywork can corrode due to salt, snow or mud. Rinse it off with a hose without delay. You can use car care products. Once a year, use the polish, a bodywork enhancer. In this case, focus on quality products and follow the process steps to achieve a brilliant result.

9- Long journeys from time to time

Car maintenance is manifested by long journeys. Long journeys make it possible to clean the engine properly, but also to better charge the battery. So enjoy a holiday from time to time while travelling in your car.

10- Take care of your car

It is a matter of adopting some good habits. For example, do not accelerate abruptly while your engine is still cold. Give him enough time to warm up. Do not leave your foot on the clutch and do not hold the gear lever while driving. Carry out air conditioning maintenance on the car since there is a link between the air conditioning and the overheated engine. Be careful what you put in your tank. Although they come from the same refinery, supermarket fuels are less good than those of petrol stations for the simple reason that their tanks are not regularly maintained. Try to maintain the engine once a year with fuel additives.
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