How to find a cheap rental car in England?

To rent a car, you can start by being on the lookout for the latest offers on a car rental website or platforms (like for instance). You can set up an alert to receive an email or notification to be notified of current special offers. Choose your category and precisely define your needs in terms of options to compare prices and find the best value for money rental. Then choose a rental agency outside an airport to benefit from better prices. You can book in advance and/or prepay your rental.

What is the minimum age required to rent a car in England?

The minimum age for renting in England is 21 years. This applies to both the main driver and the additional drivers. Under 25 years old, the deposit is generally higher and a daily tax is added in addition. In addition, you must have at least one year of driving experience.

Is it possible to pay with a debit card?

In England, only credit cards are accepted. Indeed, most rental companies refuse debit cards, capped or prepaid.

Do I need insurance to rent a car in England?

Yes, if you are not already covered for rentals, add insurance to your rental contract. Often, packages include insurance but it does not cover all situations. If you prefer to play it safe and take extra protection, it is possible for an extra charge.

Can I rent a car with unlimited mileage in England?

Yes, this option is particularly suitable for long distances. And in England, if you want to visit the different points of interest, you will have to travel a few kilometres! Remember to check if the rental car you have chosen has the "unlimited mileage" formula and also check that there are no geographical restrictions.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle for a one-way trip in England?

Yes. It's a formula widely offered among rental companies. How does this work in practice? You pick up your vehicle at the rental agency of your choice and return it to another one. This "one-way" option generates additional costs to return the vehicle to its branch. Three cities to visit in England:
  • London, the heart of British culture.
  • Bristol, a cultural and artistic city.
  • Manchester, a dynamic centre combining old and new.

A tour through England

Start in the South, in Canterbury and then London. Pass through Oxford and/or Cambridge before heading to York and its cathedral. You can visit Yorkshire Parks and the Lake District. Continue your tour in Liverpool and then head towards Snowdon National Park. Your next stops are Bristol, Bath and Stonehenge. Make a loop through the Devon regions to visit Dartmoor National Park and drive to the south-western tip of England, in Cornwall.
  • Practical information for safe driving in England
  • Left hand drive requires a short adaptation time but reflexes return quickly.
  • Speed limits are indicated in miles per hour (mph), not km/h.
  • There are 3 types of roads: M for motorways, A for main roads and B for small roads.
  • In roundabouts, give priority to vehicles coming from the right.
If I have car hire excess cover, do I need to purchase the additional cover offered by the rental company?
Car rental: all you need to know about car insurance

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