The winter-proof car!

To prepare the car for winter, some important precautions must be taken. For example, if the vehicle has been driven a little during the summer, it is recommended to carry out a thorough check of some systems and ensure their proper operation, such as the braking system. Tires also play an essential role in safety. For example, the ADAC tire test regularly tests new winter tires to determine their driving properties. If old winter tires have been stored during the summer, you should visually inspect them before changing them to determine the degree of wear and to ensure that the specified tread depth is not exceeded.

Steps to make the car safe in winter

To prepare your car for the harsh winter conditions, it is essential to start by checking the level of the various fluids, and their condition. In winter, windshield wipers play a particularly important role. In order to be able to use them easily throughout the winter, antifreeze must be added to prevent the water in the washer reservoirs from freezing and attacking the materials. In addition, antifreeze helps to better remove winter dirt from windows. In addition, ice in the engine cooling system can cause serious damage. At most garages, it can be checked whether the antifreeze protection of the cooling water is still sufficient or whether it needs to be renewed. In addition, engine oil can be contaminated with various substances and particles, which greatly reduces its lubricating role. In addition to the wiper fluid, the wipers themselves must be checked. If the rubber is brittle and worn, the wiper blades can no longer clean the vehicle's windshield and rear window. A new rubber is not always necessary; a simple tip allows the wipers to return to their almost new condition by cleaning the coatings with a little dishwashing detergent and rinsing them with water. In other situations, the entire rubber or wipers must be replaced. In winter, substances such as road salt attack the car's paint. Before the first cleaning operation, it is therefore advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning with wax, as this helps to repel road salt. Windows must also be thoroughly cleaned to ensure optimal visibility, as clean windows do not fog up as much. The proper functioning of all lighting systems is also important for good vision. Many workshops participate each year from the beginning of October in the lighting weeks. This action allows motorists to have the lighting system of their cars checked free of charge by participating repairers. Finally, as mentioned above, tires play an essential role in car safety in winter. A thorough condition check is recommended after each tire change. The use of summer tires in winter presents considerable dangers on the road. A timely workshop visit must therefore be carried out. On this occasion, the battery can also be checked.
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