Recommended driving with automatic gearbox

Be careful with the engine sliding

The first advice is actually a warning. Because, a car with an automatic transmission can crawl the engine, which means that the car moves slowly as soon as you start the engine. To prevent the car from moving forward, hold down the brake. Many modern machines will not start until your foot is detected on the brake pedal.

Prepare to brake harder

With an automatic transmission, you generally have to brake harder than with a manual transmission. The reason for this is that it does not have an engine brake as strong as the one when you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. You must therefore apply more pressure on the brake to achieve the same effect.

Beware of high speeds on slopes

When you are on a steep slope, the automatic transmission immediately selects a higher gear because the speed increases. But this further eliminates engine braking. If you want to brake the engine, it may be wise to choose a fixed gear if you have this option.

Think about the curves

A PLC usually switches one notch when you release the accelerator pedal. But it is not recommended to drive. Therefore, it is better to release the accelerator pedal earlier than normal so that the car can downshift at the corner so that it can accelerate out of the corner in a more normal way.

Glove with a slippery surface

In winter, roads are often slippery. If you notice that it is zero and therefore it is better to try to keep a higher speed, use the recommended switching option in this situation.

Avoid braking with your left foot

If you have never driven a car with an automatic gearbox before, it may be tempting to start braking with your left foot. But don't do that. The reason is simply due to a safety problem because it can disrupt the brain if you have to make a quick emergency stop. It is easy to operate a PLC. But don't think you're completely free to drive. Instead, you need to learn how to make the most of the engine to get the best possible driving experience.
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