Protect your new car paint

If you have just bought a new car or painted the bodywork, you will want the paint to stay intact as long as possible. This is not a simple task. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you keep new paint as long as possible.

Park the vehicle in a safe place.

It seems obvious, but there is nothing you can do to protect your car from vandalism, in addition to parking it in a safe place.

Parking under the roof

If you don't have your own garage where you can safely park your car in front of your house, you should look for a place away from the rain and sun. Indeed, the pH value in rainwater can affect the paint in the long term. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the sun can also have negative consequences on the condition of the bodywork.

Try not to park under trees

Although it seems a good idea to park under a tree to keep the car cool and in the shade, large trees are the ideal place for birds at night, where feces can have devastating effects on the paint. Bird droppings have a very low pH value and can corrode the color. One advice is to look at the ground. If there is a lot of waste, you will automatically know that this is not the best parking space.

Transparent paint

Most car manufacturers apply a coat of clear varnish to the paint to protect it from extreme elements. It is worthwhile to fix the varnish every few years and invest in it if the car has not undergone this type of treatment. It does not protect the paint from everything, but it helps the paint to stay fresh for a long time.

Wash the car regularly

The paint remains lighter if the car is washed regularly. It may seem logical that the more water and cleaning agents there are on the paint, the faster it disappears. However, this is not always the case. A dirty car often contains all kinds of substances that are harmful to paint. Rainwater, clay, bird droppings and condensed fumes accumulate outside and eat away at the paint together.

Use wax

A layer of wax on the varnish will act as a protection between all the dirt and paint on the car. Wax facilitates the evacuation of water, prevents the adhesion of soil and clay, in addition to its strong protective power against UV rays. Wax does not last as long as the transparent layer, so you should apply it regularly to get the best effect. Many car washes offer the possibility of adding wax after cleaning the car. It only takes a few minutes to apply.
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