The do's and don'ts of buying a car

Choosing the right new car is not a formality, as the models on the French market are so numerous and varied. So, don’t hesitate any longer, dive into our purchasing guide to discover all the information you need to buy your next car: tests, reliability, news, technical data sheets… as well as our thematic selections, you may find more details on vehicles-magazine.com.

Car maintenance guide

Checking oil and fluid levels

Checking oil and fluid levels

This consists of checking and refilling, if necessary, all the liquids under the hood of your car.

Checking tire wear

Checking tire wear

You can check tire wear when you check tire pressure and/or before you go on vacation or a long trip.

Changing a wheel

Whether it is when switching to seasonal tires or in case of a flat tire, you can change a wheel quite easily.

Oil drain

Oil drain

This is the first level 2 operation you can do. Check the maintenance logbook for the frequency with which this should be done.

Change the spark plugs

Change the spark plugs

Every 45,000 km on average. It is very important to have the right tools so as not to damage the spark plugs!

Change brake fluid

Change brake fluid

Every 30,000 km on average. This operation can be risky if the draining is not done properly. Don’t hesitate to get help from a professional.

Car insurance

Why you should purchase a car insurance?

The legislation considers that anyone who uses a motor vehicle is liable for damage caused to a third party, whether physical or material. In order to protect themselves, especially financially, motorists are therefore obliged to take out car insurance.

Car rental

An effective alternative to owning a car!

What is certain is that the transport budget represents a very high proportion of the annual household budget. It is the third after housing and food. If you live in a large city, renting a car is something you should consider. It is more interesting to rent a spacious car that can accommodate the whole family, than to buy a large vehicle that yous should maintain and spend money on all year round. If you are tired of paying insurance and parking tickets, getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for constantly increasing gas and having your vehicle maintenance at a garage that charges you a fortune, then get rid of your car! Yes, it’s radical, but the solutions for living without a car on a daily basis are many and more obvious than we think. Drivy, which is a private car rental service, is one of the best alternatives out there!

Car rental agency

Discover the offers available and book your favourite car online!

Private car rental

Also called P2P car rental, it's cheaper cars and very proftable.

Rental car insurance

Agencies offer the subscriptions of compulsory insurances.

Compare rental prices

Find a cheap car rental by comparing the offers available.

Car maintenance

Making sure your car is in the best conditions

Everything about the routine maintenance of your car: prevention is better than cure… A principle that also applies to your vehicle! Maintaining your car is essential for its proper functioning but also for your safety. Our articles provide you with a summary of the essentials of car maintenance. You can also check La Gazette Automobile for more car maintenance tips and tricks.

When was the last time your car was drained? How long before you have to change your tires, brake pads or spark plugs? It’s hard to find your way around since the last visit to your garage.

And yet, in order not to stay stranded on the side of the highway, it is better to take care of your vehicle. Coupé, sedan, station wagon or convertible – whatever the model of your car, the points to be checked for your safety on the road remain the same: tyre pressure, coolant, brake fluid, oil level, battery…

Car maintenance

Car spare parts

A selection of parts by manufacturer allows you to find the desired item. Usually, a wide range of spare parts for brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Opel but also for rarer and older models are available. Foreign branded items such as Toyota, Mazda or Hyundai are also available at a very affordable price!
Spare parts at the best price!